Peer Correction and Feedback

Peer Correction and Feedback.
Nina MK, Ph.D.

"I continuing speaking..." "It quickens my heartbreak... " (heart-rate) "it aches to move... " (it hurts) "I am agree..." "Old castle have goats..." (The old castle has ghosts) "there are computers and a lot of". 

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Challenging Situations

Challenging Situations.
Nina MK, Ph.D.
Any teacher comes up against unusual, challenging and threatening situations. I tried to classify them in my mind in the simplest way, into what may be called internal and external ones. The former are most often connected to several factors.

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More than a thousand participants used English as their main working language; and everybody spoke the same language in more ways than one. In between and after the sessions one could see spontaneously formed groups of researchers animatedly discussing various problems in their own mother-tongue(s) too. I listened to a group of young scientists from Germany, Czech Republic, the USA, the UK and France talk about their post-doctorate courses in France. Their concerns and hopes are similar to anybody else’s.

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