Teaching is a Challenging Job!

Nina MK, Ph.D.

I teach EL teachers, conducting whole courses, workshops, seminars, taking part in various conferences. As the saying goes, children reflect the adults in their life; in the same way adults reflect the children they teach. There is a great difference in evaluating educators who attend a refresher course and students.

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Symbols:Incorporating the Real World Into ELT.

Nina MK, Ph.D.
When I hear about symbols, the first association is always with Dan Brown’s novels. “The Da Vinci Code” acquainted us with the unusual occupation of symbologist. The main hero Robert Langdon is a professor who deals with various symbols and thus helps solve many complicated problems in real life. The novels and especially the films with Tom Hanks as the lead helped popularize the whole concept of using symbols as a means to learn the meaning of incomprehensible phenomena and events.

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