Realia in EL Teaching

Nina Mk, Ph.D.
Realia in education means real-life facts and material used in teaching. Visual aids play a huge role at any age and level. When we show a picture of an object or phenomenon, bring in a toy or a souvenir into class, share a fascinating news item with our students, it helps them remember the new vocabulary and the topic itself better.

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Brain-Based Approaches to ELT

Nina MK, Ph.D.

When I saw the title of an upcoming city methodological seminar, I could not resist it. I mean, aren’t ALL approaches to ELT brain based? Can we even think of teaching without using the brain? And whose brain is actually meant, the teacher’s, the student’s or both? So I bundled up and braved the Siberian frost, all in order to attend this seminar, to listen to my colleagues and to take part in various discussions.

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Digital Literacies in the Age of EIL

Digital Literacies in the Age of EIL.
Nina MK, Ph.D
As Gavin Dudeney rightly notes, “we are teachers of the language of global communication”.
I mostly teach EL teachers of all levels now. What I love to share is Creativity and Imagination. While teaching students of all levels and ages for 25 years, I did a lot of international projects via the internet, and I know firsthand how much this kind of activity helps develop language and communication skills.

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