Teach Yourself to Teach with Tech: The first 10

Please find here the first ten tasks in a series of Teach Yourself to Teach with Tech tasks that I'm writing.The tasks are designed as small scale projects. You follow the  instructions with each one and it should help you to create some form of  teaching materials as well as help you to develop your technical  skills.I hope you find these useful and I hope to have more soon. Task 1: Create a web based reflective journalhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/45469103/Teach-with-Technology-Task-1Task 2: Create your own photo sharing accounthttp://www.scribd.com/doc/45469101/Teach-with-Technology-Task-2Task 3: Create an image based speaking activityhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/45469106/Teach-with-Technology-Task-3Task 4: Create your first blog post with an embeded videohttp://www.scribd.com/doc/45469092/Teach-with-Technology-Task-4Task 5: Create an image book http://www.scribd.com/Teach-with-Technology-Task-5/d/45469107Task 6: Creating a video review activityhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/47249849/Task-6-Creating-a-video-review-activityTask 7: Creating screenshots using Jinghttp://www.scribd.com/doc/47249872/Task-7-Creating-screenshots-using-JingTask 8: Create your own YouTube channelhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/47249895/Task-8-Create-your-own-YouTube-channelTask 9: Create a Video Dictation Activityhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/49549450/Task-9-Create-a-Video-Dictation-ActivityTask 10: Create a Video Q&A Boothhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/49973068/Task-10-Create-a-Video-Q-A-Booth Please share these with anyone you think may benefit from them.BestNik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant, Writer, TrainerTeacher Development: http://nikpeachey.blogspot.com/News and Tips: http://quickshout.blogspot.com/Student Activities: http://daily-english-activities.blogspot.com/On Social media: http://bloggingandsocialmedia.blogspot.com/On Twitter: http://twitter.com/NikPeachey

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Fernando Guarany's picture
Fernando Guarany

Hi Nik,
Thanks for the very doable and really useful tasks.
They're a great introduction to teaching with technology!
My favourite task is number 9. I feel it it can be used very effectively in online teaching and training. Being able to see your teacher, trainer or students on video makes the online experience more personal and meaningful.
Fernando Guarany
Natal, Brazil

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In my 10+ years teaching online, I have tried myriad ways to enhance the assessment process.  Some forms of technology seem to work better than others.  I use a visual narrative program called Pixetell to augment my textual responses to student submissions.  It takes about as long to create as does a "regular response" and students are extremely thankful.  Jing and Camtasia and other screen capture programs are out there and I have used them, but you then have to upload to a server, create a background brand so you are not "selling Screencast" and the video and audio quality is not that great...
In contrast, Pixetell is very easy to use and when you render the little movie it automatically uploads to the server...I use the Pro version and it is about $13 or so a month for unlimited use...I think it is priceless...my recent annual review went off the charts (and I did not change much of anything other than using Pixetell) and if student responses are any indication of success, then it is surely working...besides all of that, it is FUN to use...
As for an assessment device, it is apparent that visual learners, in particular, benefit tremendously from having strengths and weaknesses pointed out to them...hearing my voice also helps diffuse the f2f void...here is an example of what I use to introduce new students to my online psych course...when you make the movie initially, you can call it something like, Visual Narrative for Class and then the students just click on it or you can embed the code right into Announcements or Discussion threads if your LMS allows for it, e.g., BB 9.1...

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Stephen Jones

Hello Nik,
Are your tasks available anywhere other than Scribd? Unfortunately access here in China is blocked.

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Hi Nik
Thank you for sharing all these technology ideas on how to enrich learning.
The use of technology is always the developmental aim that I tend to neglect. It seems a bit complex to me. So, it’s good to read this very useful information;  to implement and learn.
Thank you, and best wishes

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Thanks for the site--I'm doing some research on digital storytelling, and hadn't see Pixetell before.Interesting to hear how motivating your students found this type of feedback.  I tried giving group feedback to a midterm for one of my teacher training courses in a similar fashion -- but I used Voicethread.  As you most likely know, you can get an EDUCATOR account for free, which gives you up to 50 VTs.  VT has school subscription options, which are really quite reasonable.  Intersting thing with VT is that you can upload a WORD document to VT, and you can DOODLE on it as you are giving feedback.  Not so suitable for the interactive demonstration I watched in your link, but for giving feedback on a piece of writing, etc., VT seems to work quite well.  Here is an example I did for one of my courses to demonstrate the technique in giving feedback (via the webcam) to writing: http://voicethread.com/?#u128172.b872956.i4647615  Like Pixetell, VT also has the option for commenting, enhancing the potential for the collaborative nature of this feedback.A couple of questions - do you think this technique saves time for you in the long run, or does this actually add to your workload?  Do you devolve this in some form for peer-feedback or reflective tasks in the course, or is it mostly useful to you in terms of a one to many (instructor to students) type of interaction?

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Thanks Steve...it appears that the Voice Thread (VT) program offers GREAT opportunities for multi-fold interactions among faculty/students and students/students.  As for your first question, I believe if I was using VT, it would definitely add to my workload.  Many of the functions of VT we already have in our LMS and to add another learning portal would certainly require additional time and energy.  I use Pixetell (which also has a webcam function) to do very similar tasks as was shown in your demonstration.  I cannot highlight, but can point out areas of concern with the cursor.  I do not use it all the time because students still need textual feedback, however, they often ask for more detail, "like you did in the movie." I use Pixetell to address issues with individual students. in three or four minutes, I can answer lots of questions, direct them to links, provide feedback on an assignment, show them how to use a Word function (such as setting up the spelling and grammar tool properly), show them how to cite correctly, etc.  Pixetell tracks views and I find it quite interesting how many times a student will re-watch the little movie.  If only that would happen on some of the detailed feedback we all write!