What make a good test?

         Everyone understands that if they are teachers they are considered to make good test for the various test. Almost of every teacher find it difficult to make a good test for their students including me. In order to make a good test what we should know is that " is the test valid, reliable and practical". If we know the ingridents that make good test, our responsibility is to make efforst and apply it in our class. I am sure that it is going to be useful for evreyone. Valid: If you are going to make a test what you need to consider first is that is your test is valid. To make sure that the test is convered what the students had already learned before. If the test is convered what they hadn't learned before, it means that the test is not valid. So, make sure that the test is convered what they have already learned to be a good test maker. Reliable: Reliable is also required to be a good test. How should the test be reliable for students. Most of the teachers is not giving the same marks for the same answer. That's the reason why they can't make a good test. So, if you are a teacher you need to make sure that you are giving the same marks for the same. Some teachers say that they it doesn't seem very difficult to mark for Mulitiple Test but it seems difficult when they have to mark the essay. In order to give the same mark for essays, i would recommend everyone to read teaching books. Practical: Practical also plays the most important part of making a good test. While you are considering how to make a test, it is very useful to think that the test is easy to administrate and mark. Whoever marking for the student's answer sheet, the students must get the same marks for the same answer. So, you are necessary to make a practical test to be a good teacher. Hopefully, you will use this method in your classrrom. I am hoping for the comment. Michael    

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