How do you progress from being a teacher to a materials writer?

There is nothing quite like using materials that you have written yourself with the learners that you have written them for. Of course many teachers also go beyond writing materials for their own classes and start to produce them for a wider audience. Seeing your name in print is a proud moment for any aspiring writer.
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Lizzie Pinard - no prep activities

These are the kind of activities you have up your sleeve because you’ve been dropped in it from a great height at the last minute when a colleague is off sick, or because your planned activities took far less time than planned. So what do you do?

One fail-safe option to go with is pronunciation, as the learners themselves and a phonemic chart is all you need. If you have a few sets of Cuisenaire rods kicking around, so much the better! This post outlines a handful of activities you can do without preparation.

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Lizzie Pinard - Staying motivated: a case study

The ability to stay motivated and be a reflective practitioner is what makes the job we do as teachers more rewarding. Does your school or institution recognise this and what support are you given to develop - financial or otherwise? What systems are in place to ensure that development happens without being intrusive?

For this blog post, I am going to consider professional development at IH Palermo, from the point of view of a teacher. I believe that as far as CPD is concerned, the (constantly evolving) recipe in use at IHPA is successful. Why? How? Read on to find out!

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Lizzie Pinard - keeping your learning going in the summer break

In many parts of the world, learners are coming up to a long summer break. What can they do during a longer period like this to maintain and develop their English? Apart from the typical ‘read a book’ or ‘Watch films in English’, what tools and methods can you suggest that will help?

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Lizzie Pinard - RESET: five tips for staying motivated

What simple steps or strategies would you recommend to help teachers stay motivated?


Here are my five top tips for how to RESET your motivation!


There are hundreds of ELT books out there, written by enthusiastic, engaged, motivated individuals and teams (see this list to help you get started). Read one and allow their motivation and enthusiasm to rub off on you!

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Lizzie Pinard - Innovation in education: looking for learning

As learning technologies become more and more ubiquitous in our teaching, how can we ensure that pedagogy is at the centre of what we do to increase learning? What tools do you incorporate into your teaching and how do you ensure they help learning?

I would like to start this blog post with two quotes:

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