Without research there is no progress, and with no progress there is no learning.

I must say that I am one of those teachers that as soon as I have 5 minutes free, I open my laptop and you can find me online looking through my favorite websites for teachers, searching for new materials, reading other teachers' experiences and more...

I work as a teacher all day in different schools and with different students..this means that I have to be able to change the way I teach in order to facilitate my student (teenager or adult whatever he/she is) ; and the only way for me to succeed is to always research for new materials and new techniques of teaching. This research can be done on professional websites, where there are articles that can help you to improve the theoretical part, but it can be done also on “not professional” websites, normally created by other teachers who are so kind to post their experiences in order to help other teachers around the world. I think that those are the best one, at least in my opinion. I can always find useful material, theoretical material (like lessons plans or techniques) or practical material (for example, how to help a student with a particular grammar problem).

I normally focus on what I am working about..an example can be my conversation group.. I started this year with a class of 17 people (those who teach know that this is a BIG number for a conversation group) and I found myself (being used to small groups) in difficulty, just to keep the attention up on everyone. So I thought to have a look online to see if someone in the past had my same problems. And I was right! Reading different websites and articles, I found new materials that I can use in my next lesson, something that without researching I couldn't find.

Finally, what I can say and suggest (thanks to my experience) is to not always be satisfied with what we are and what we know, being a teacher is not only to teach someone something, but it is also to keep learning and improving to be able to help the students to become far better thanks to our love for our passion: teaching

Laura Papi

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