Larry Ferlazzo: What Does Enhanced Discovery Learning Look Like In The ELL Classroom?

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Relationships by Larry Ferlazzo

The roots of the word "introduction" mean "bringing into existence" , and that's what we're doing with our classes at the beginning of a new school year. And, as we bring them "into existence," one challenge we face is will be help develop a "community of learners" or a "classroom of students."

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Larry Ferlazzo: Ideas for strengthening English skills over the summer

Ideas for strengthening English skills over the summer

Our school year ended in mid-June and our District had little money for actual summer school. We used to have over one thousand of our students attending for at least six weeks — not because they were failing and had to retake classes, but because they wanted to get ahead. Now, we’re down to four classes for students who have failed a class and have to take it again. And there are no classes for English Language Learners.

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Larry Ferlazzo: The picture word inductive model

The Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM) is my favorite, and central, instructional strategy for teaching Beginning English Language Learners.

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Larry Ferlazzo - Six ways teachers can stay energized

It's that time of year for many of us -- just a few weeks left in a very long school year. What can we do instead of counting down the days until the end and be energized for our students and for us?

I was a community organizer for nineteen years prior to becoming a teacher eleven years ago. Here are a few ideas that are modified versions of what organizers are often urged to do when they are feeling “burned-out”:

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Larry Ferlazzo - Creating The Conditions For Self-Motivated Students

The Latin root of the word "motivation" means "that which inwardly moves a person to behave a certain way." Unfortunately, all too often we teachers talk about motivation as something we have to do to students instead of helping them identify ways they can motivate themselves. 

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Larry Ferlazzo - Four questions to ask before using an Ed Tech tool

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Larry Ferlazzo - Assessing English language learners

Assessing our English Language Learner students can be a minefield, especially in the face of potential outside-of-class pressures from administrators, school and district mandates and, in some cases, parent pressure.
What assessment practices can we use that might be relatively objective and useful to everyone?

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Larry Ferlazzo - Using a "Three-Two-one" Speaking Activity

Using a "Three-Two-One" Speaking Activity

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