how to make teaching English attractive?

As a teacher, I find quite difficult to keep the attention of all students.As a matter of fact,since classes are multileveled and as I'm required to finish the programmed lessons before the end of May,I tend to focuss my attention on students who are "interested" rather those who are lagging behind. This create a tension inside the classe between those who wish to work and those who attend just attend for fear to be punished.   

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I like your posting very much and really you touched a very good point concerned with teaching and students. There are a lot of methods that attract the uninterested student like using technology in your lessons I mean ICT , creating situations from real life and more over having mixed groups . all these ways will help to some how in changing the attitudes of the students towards your class . I hope I could give you some ideas . Waiting for your reply . Cheers

Soher Ahmed


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Hello everybody,

In my opinion if we make a
good  and pleasant atmosphere in our classroom we will be able to
absorb student's attention . please have a look at following site which
identifies the use of new technology and ICT in the classroom. traditinal classes areusually boring.


I wiil write more if you find it useful. 

Best wishes, 

Ali asghar Mazinanian

Shahrood, Iran.

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Dear Colleague,

 As you have recognised, we might face in the same classroom students who are "interested", keen on learning and others who are poor learners(for different reasons), some of them looking very shy and ohers who might even disrupt the class atmosphere.

As for the shy learners you should start approaching them, picking some of their positive attitudes to praise them and starting a simple dialogue.Thus, they'll be more likely to react and feel more confident and motivated towards learning the required items in the syllabus and beyond...

With regard to the ones who "just attend for fear to be punished"... in your view, who do they fear? The teacher? Their family? Well, we think, we should "learn to Give in order to Get" whatever the learners' level. Once these roots have been fixed, then we all can interact more friendly, reducing "tension.

Trust you! Good luck!

Best regards