I became a teacher probably because I was predisposed to the profession genetically and hereditarily. I was intrinsically motivated to teach because of the environment in which I was brought up.

I was born in a clan called Jagatha which was famous for literacy scholarship in Sanskrit and Telugu literature. When I was a small kid, My grandfather’s brother, my father and my paternal uncle used to recite Telugu poems and Sanskrit slokas which might have made an impression on my mind.

Though I opted for biological sciences in Intermediate and commerce in my degree courses, It was literature and language especially English literature which appealed to me most. I started my career as a primary teacher in a secondary school and I worked as a primary teacher for nearly sixteen years and promoted as a school assistant in 2002, which really changed my life as an outstanding teacher.

I was trained at the central Institute of English Hyderabad, The Regional Institute of English, South India, Bangalore, the two reputed English teaching institutes of English which cater to the needs of English teachers by providing in-service teacher training.

I became a topper of the batch in 2005 at RIESI, Bangalore which really was a turning point in my life. The Government of Andhra Pradesh appointed me as a state resource person for the Rajiv vidhya Mission, state council of Educational Research and training and Andhra Pradesh open school society.

I trained a number of English teachers throughout the state at primary and secondary leveI. I became one of the state resource group members and was instrumental in preparing modules for primary and secondary teachers of English and training the teachers of English through out the state with the assistance of a great linguist and ELT expert Dr K.Anandan. I was appointed as one of the members of the text book committee and prepared text books at secondary level under the auspices of the head textbook curriculum committee, Dr Upender Reddy of SCERT, AP.

I have recently been involved in the revision of text books by ANDHRA PRADESH OPEN SCHOOL SOCIETY. I have achieved many things as a teacher and teacher trainer. I feel happy because I chose the profession I like and I enjoy teaching English. Last but not least, I have been honoured by the British council by having my name under “our English teaching bloggers” because I have written blogs on various topics on the teaching English for more than six yearsWhen the wubsite link Our teaching English bloggers was created by the British council four yrars ago I was one of the seven and I was the only Indian.So I have become the first Indian to have written more blogs than any other Indian in the country.Even today I have written more blogs and raised many discussion topics and contriburted a lot to the British council in the field of teacing English..I have been selected for Bharat book of Book records and Andhra Book of records for becoming the first Indian to be honoured by the British council under TEACHING ENGLISH BLOGGERS.I am always thankful to the British council for honouring me I am also thankful to the world famous magician Mr Chinta shyam Kumar who took all the trouble to delare the record as it is an undeniable fact.The members of the Jury were fully convinced before accepting the proposal of  Mr Shyam..I have grown professionally due to British Council Which became the right plat form for my creative abilities.I feel honesly that BRITISH COUNCIL is the greatest English Institute In the world and its online Journal TEACHING ENGLISH is the best Online Journa in the worldl.Those who are in the field of Teaching English should make use of its services and resources.I have become world famous only because of the BRITISH COUNCILThat is the story of an English Teacher and a record holder in India from India in the art of teaching and writing English across the globe

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