1. These are the days of knowledge explosion, blended learning, virtual on line conferences, webinars.Every body –highly educated or rather ill educated is using smart phones, I pads, tabs, Androids or even Skype most of which I don’t use or I do not know even how to use not because I can not afford to use them but because I m not techno savvy and a low tech man though highly motivated and rather fairly trained and equipped to teach students up to degree level and teachers at primary and secondary level in English.I use only personal desk top computer with full internet facility.Though I know to use internet for teaching English,I honestly feel,I am bit out dated as I am an English teacher and teacher trainer in English using the age old almost out dated chalk and talk method.I feel I am OK as far as my role as a secondary teacher of English is concerned , with some sophistication in using the electronic gadgets like smart phones, I can be a as good a teacher as any expert teacher in the world but in terms of being a resourceful English teacher trainer at the primary and secondary level, I need to enhance my strategies, techniques and the use of electronic gadgets like Skype.

2. As I said above, I am fully satisfied with my performance in the class especially while teaching English to students whose Medium of instruction is English even for other subjects .All the students belong to rural background.My students belonging to English medium can freely and rather fairly interact with me in English and make entries in their dairies about the important things they do right from they get up from bed to going to it at night.I correct them in the class the next day.

3. Now I would like to talk about my experience at a divisional training program though I am a state level resource person , text book trainer and trainer. While giving orientation to my trainees I uttered the word pedagogy correctly as (pedagogy) but one of the students asked me to listen to the pronunciation on his smart phone which sounded Pedagogy) with the g sound in the end.Then I asked him to go to another pronunciation site and listen to the sound which sounded exactly like mine.Then he asked me which pronunciation was correct.I replied that mine was correct because it was based on standard pronouncing dictionaries,Later one of the participants asked me to write the phonetic transcription of the word "poem" since the pronunciation on the smart phone sounded differently from mine and from experts”. I wrote the transcription which was proved to be wrong.So I can dare say that no expert is safe because of the learner’s easy access to the task at hand and no expert is expert in pronouncing and transcribing all the words in the dictionary.It is applicable to even teaching grammar and any other branch of English..

4. However, if a teacher or teacher trainer is resourceful, he can update his/her knowledge by reading extensively and using the electronic gadgets timely and wisely.I feel It is the Teaching English on line journal by the British council which has helped me to grow from strength to strength by transforming me into a national level text book writer at the secondary level from a state level resource person and text book writer.Who knows what will happen in the near future!I may become an international text book writer and teacher and teacher trainer with the help of the British council’s teaching English team

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