Top 3 methods and principle of learning

The principle of learning, which is generally, applicable in learning process, is defined in other terms as law of learning. There are three methods discovered by Psychologist in Education this is already been tested and used in practical situation effective and can provide additional insight of individuals who pursue and acquire knowledge by learning. This is Readiness, Exercise, and Effect; Edward Thorndike developed this method early part of the twentieth century, and latter there are three additional principle have been added this are Primacy and Recency, and Intensity. These principles are widely applied in many other fields.

  • Readiness this refers to ones single mindedness eagerness to learn something, a reason to seek and know. Basically this method implies in good physical, mental and emotional condition learning is an active process and learner must have adequate in rest, health and physical ability. Learners must have a clear objective strong purpose and definite reason to learn, this can make more progress and achieve his Potenzmittel aspiration.
  • Exercise this refers to drills and practices learners must have an activity, which is more effective in doing repeatedly the more repetition the better the learner remembered, a task that be done in a meaningful positive feedback, practice make a learner perfect. Every time practice occurs, learning continues. These include student recall, review and summary, and manual drill and physical applications. All of these serve to create learning habits.
  • Effect this refers to the emotion of learner’s reaction of the result of achieving his aspiration. This may done in pleasant or satisfying feelings, the learner will strive to continue doing what provides a pleasant effect to continue learning. Positive reinforcement is more apt to lead to success and motivate the learner, every learning experience should contain elements that leave the learner with some good feelings. A chance of success is definitely increased if the learning experience is a pleasant one.

Every learning experience does not have to be entirely successful, nor does the learner’s have to master each lesson completely. However one of the important obligations of the instructor is to set up the learning situation in such a manner that each trainee will be able to see evidence of progress and achieve some degree of success. Instructor must be equipped polished in such a case that he can manage and organized a lesson plan. Mostly a postgraduate in other terms postgrado instructor is qualified or needed to this learning’s.

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Thank you joralina! I love the part of your blog when you talk about "effect". I'm sure satisfactory feelings foster learning. Brain chemistry determines how the mind operates. Mood, memory, motivation, reasoning, etc seem to be controlled by brain chemistry. The good news is our actions and thoughts  can change the chemical mix in our brains.
If the classroom is a place where ss can experience positive emotions, there will be a lot more chances for effective learning.
Georgina Hudson