What is the best way to teach English as a second language?

Well, I'm from Latin America, so my language is spanish.I have observed that many people struggle to teach english to people whose first language is not English. Here's my experience and a small suggestion:I went to a public school so we didn't have enough hours of english per week. What I did to learn more english by myself was reading. First, with little articles, written in English, and every time I didn't know the meaning of a word I used to run to my dictionary to looking for the meaning in spanish.Other thing you could do is seeing with your friend a movie, not a one with a very complicated plot, perhaps something like Spiderman. And let your friend see it first in Spanish. Then he must see the movie in English but now in English and with the English caption. He can write down the phrases he doesn't know, and everytime he sees a new phrase he can write down.What else ? Let's see... You give your friend a list of related words, for example: Things you get in a supermarket. You make a picture of every item so he can relate it to the word. Of course, he must repeat and memorize every word so if you go to the supermarket and you ask him: what it is? he could answer you: It is a can of beans. Also teach him simple phrases like: Good morning, Can I help you?, How much does it costs?, and so One of my teacher's favorite method was that he assigned me to learn a song in english. Of course a song I loved more. Once I got the lyrics I used to translate them in to spanish, phrase by phrase. Then by hearing the song I learned how to pronounce the words. You could help him with this, too. Finally, if you could get a text book to learn english, it would be great. Right now I don't have the name of one of my favorite english books. But there must be a lot of them. They used to be totally in english and the way to learn from them is following all the activities.

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