Motivating the unmotivated – part 3, teachers

This is the last post of this motivation series. While thinking what to write I realised teachers also need to be motivated.
If you are an experienced teacher, you probably know how to survive. This post aims to give some tips to the newbies
Teaching is not like other professions. You don’t get praise when you need. You won’t get pay rise either if you are working in a small budget or public school.
There will be a staffroom full of teachers who will criticise you because you work more than them.
You will work with teachers who think extra work is unnecessary.
If you aren’t lucky enough to have a colleague to share your enthusiasm, then be ready to walk on this road alone.
Don’t give up.
Ignore those looks.
Do the things you love doing
It is tiring, exhausting but you should learn to motivate yourself.
Be proud, teaching is a wonderful profession and a great opportunity for a successful career.
Don’t forget you will be responsible for students’ attitudes towards learning, in our case learning English. Maybe you will not hear but they will appreciate what you are doing for them. Don’t you remember a teacher from your school days that changed your point of view or supported you when you needed help?
And remember there is another way
Build your PLN and enjoy the comfort, the bearable lightness of unlimited support.
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CoffeeAddict's picture

Absolutely! I agree with every word. Beautifully put too!

solmaz21's picture

Eva, it was a pleasure to read your posts about motivation. It is so true that other teachers are criticizing you just because you work more. Sometimes you work as much as you are supposed to work but they still criticize you as they don't really care about working as much as expected. I always found staffroom discouraging and thanks God, we don't have staffroom at university! :-)

Aisha Ertugrul's picture
Aisha Ertugrul

Wonderful Eva!I'll add one more:Be ready to her complaints that you are the only one who doesn't complain about the behavior the students. As if somehow you are not being honest.

DaveDodgson's picture

Hi Eva, Thanks for this lovely post. Unfortunately, you are right about some of the difficulties teachers face. I can especially relate to the criticism of other teachers who take on extra work and try hard to create effectice lessons!But, thankfully you are also right about the benfits of having a PLN - any teacher who gives some of their freetime to networking online, blogging or just preparing lessons and looking for ways to do their job better is naturally enthusiastic and committed. It's great that we can easily find and connect with each other!