When, ideally, there is enough time for supplementary resources to be fully exploited, there are different but equally important aspects which should constitute the process of making a choice.

One key issue is the purpose and its relation to the age, level and interests of the students. From my experience the ultimate goal is to have a smooth transition from coursebook material to real life situations where words and phrases have a more functional role.

To begin with, brainstorming through activating schemata in class can generate a great variety of ideas. I always gather valuable information based on my students’ spontaneous reaction to our discussions as active involvement stimulates creative thinking.

Detailed planning is an essential part either of selecting or composing supplementary recourses not only to ensure that the functionality goes smoothly during classwork but also to increase the chances of facilitating the language acquisition of the students on a more personal level.

When the whole procedure ends I always evaluate the feedback on my students’ response to the particular tasks with the aim of best meeting their needs in my next choices.

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