One of the wonderful things about a site like this is that...

...we, as teacher trainers, have a question we want to ask of our professional community, we can put it out on the ‘cyber waves’ and have the chance of getting responses from all over the world.!!! So, in that spirit…

I wonder if there are any pre-service teachers reading the site? Maybe not. But for sure there are thousands of in-service language teachers reading the site!! There may be teachers of from two to 40 years experience reading this site right now! If you are one of them, I expect you have views, maybe strong views, on what you do and don’t like about the teacher training process, the topics often covered, the manner of the trainers, the way training sessions are structured and so on. Would you spare a little time to educate us as to how you see things? I am sure many teacher trainers browsing here would, like me, really love to know more from the client, the customer, the hard working teacher who is interested in professional development and knows how they want it to proceed.

So Dear Teachers, over to you?

All good wishes and looking forward very much to learning about your point of view!

Tessa Woodward


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