OK - the title of this blog posting is a bit dull!

OK - the title of this blog posting is a bit dull! But it's a very important issue. If, as teachers or trainers, we are going to use video, we have to decide how we are going to play and display it in the classroom. Here are three thoughts regarding the issue:Laptops and handheld devicesWith smaller groups of students, a teacher may be able to use his/her own laptop for playing video to students. Recently, I met a teacher who showed me how she had been using her brand new iPad to display YouTube clips in the classroom. Under the correct circumstances, this can work very well. Importantly, teachers can make use of their own equipment and don't have to worry about the technology that is (or that is not) available in their schools. However, there is a problem: How can we use a laptop or handheld device with large classes when the screen is so small? What is the maximum number of students? Any answers?Interactive whiteboardsTime for a confession: In my whole life, I have used an Interactive Whiteboard only three times. Why do I mention this? Well, because people often mistake me for an 'IWB man". In other words, they assume that since I am a great fan of online video, I must be an Interactive Whiteboard enthusiast. This is not the case. IWBs are not part of my life and I have very little to say about them. Perhaps you would like to comment on how IWBs contribute to the video experience in the classroom?Computer roomsAhhh! There's nothing like a scone and a cup of tea in the afternoon! And there's nothing like a computer, a powerful projector and a screen in the classroom. This latter combination is, to me, a winning formula. The ability to play short video clips on the big screen allows for fantastic teaching possibilities.If you could choose one of the following for your school, which would it be:

  • A slick IT room with 20 computers - at least one for each student in your class. But *no* computer in your classroom.
  • A single computer, projector and screen in your classroom but no IT room in your school.

I know which one I would choose. But I am biased. What do you think?Looking forward to hearing your ideas! :-)