If you generally think of the internet as a place to look up stuff, you're missing the best part.

"If you generally think of the internet as a place to look up stuff, you're missing the best part." (Unknown)

Here comes the rest of my list for this best part.

Kakomessenger is a singing telegram machine and one of my favorites these days. You select a singer, type your message and the singer sings it to you. Students can send messages, poems to each other. They can invite each other to a party or wish happy birthday. They can create their own songs.

Taggalaxy is a nice way of searching for Flickr pictures. I'm sure students will love the interface.

Shidonni is a site where students can create their own imaginary worlds, animals and interact with each other. You draw your favourite animal and it comes to life. You can play games, travel around the site with your animal. Students can create their favourite animals and talk about or describe it. It's a wonderful site for young and very young learners.

If you want to create a multi-user classroom blog portal, here comes 21classes.

Here is "20 Questions". It's an amazing game. You think of something and the games asks you 20 questions to guess the thing you have in your mind. It guessed my word on the 23rd question. There are many language choices. It's a good and fun site to practice language.

Geogreeting is a cool site. Click on the surface of the Earth and get your secret message. Students can send messages messages to each other or to you.

Wallwisher is an online noice board maker. You can keep your notes, make a wish list, make announcements, leave questions for the students or let your students ask you questions about the lesson. It can be a good way to contact with parents. Here is Nik Peachey's wishwall. Why not adding your favourite?

Ask a question and find your answer on Answers.com.

I hope you enjoy them all!

All the best,


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