Our students think that everything is clickable - even their teachers!

"Our students think that everything is clickable - even their teachers! " (Unknown)

And, here are more sites for those clickable teachers.

Flashcardflash is a search engine to help us to find sets of flashcards. Students can create their own flashcards and play games. 

Education is a website that can be used by parents, students and us to find activities, tips and education reference materials.

Cloudclusty is a website that bloggers can use to visualize a topic using the familiar tag cloud display. We don't need months of content to create an interesting tag cloud. You can embed it to your website.

Searchcube is a visual search engine that presents web search results in a three-dimensional cube interface. It can show previews of up to ninety-six websites, videos and images. I like it, it's fun to search on search cube.

With Quikmaps, you can create customized maps and annotate them online.

Stripcreator and Bitstrips are for comic lovers.They let you create your own comics.

On Comicstrip, there are ready pictures and bubbles for you to create your own comic. You can get the html code and embed it to your site.

Here comes my favourite one. Myths is a website that students can use to create their own cartoon myth story. Creepy!

With Seeingreason, we can  create visual maps of the relationships in cause-and-effect. This site is good to promote collaboration.

Here is a graphic organization and an online diagram. You may need one day. Also, mywebspiration is an online visual mapping tool that you can work to collaborate with your students and your colleagues.

With animoto, you upload your images and choose a song as the soundtrack to your video. Animoto will then analyze every nuance of the song, producing a different video each time. Interesting!

Qlipmedia is a site that lets you combine pictures with drawing, highlighting with your own voice. Students will love this one, so will you.

If you want to create a good slideshow, have a look at slidemagnet. This is an online resource to find anything you want about presentations and public speaking.

With photovisi, you can collage from your photos and create your own wallpaper and by using graffiticreator, you can create your own graffiti and put it on anywhere on the net.

I hope you enjoy!

All the best,


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