Here are some other interesting and fun Web 2.0 tools that we can use in our classes.

Here are some other interesting and fun Web 2.0 tools that we can use in our classes.

Pageflakes is a website that let us create our social personalized homepage. You can easily customize your page and make it yours using flakes which are small and movable versions of all your favourite websites. Some flakes are facebook, youtube, twitter, blog, RSS etc. In our school, we have been using pageflakes to keep our assignments, listening homework, fun sites for students. Here it is.

Blabberize is a fun site. You upload any photo you want and you make it talk. Students can make their pets talk. They can make famous people talk and tell about their lives.

Protopage is similiar to pageflakes. You create your own personal page. You can read your blogs, news, keep bookmarks, to-do lists, sticky notes and many more. We have been using this as an online newspaper. Here is our newspaper; Pigeon Post.

Twitter is a popular website. You can read this blog entry about twittering. Also, here is a video about twitter: Twitter in Plain English. Plurk is similiar to twitter and it 's like keeping a journal.

Surveymonkey can help us to create online surveys for our students and collect the results easily. Polldaddy is another site to create surveys or polls.You can embed them to your website.

Teleprompter is an online teleprompter service. It is the scrolling screen. You copy and paste your text and it is ready. We can use it to make reading more fun. Students can read their dialogues when they do role-play. They can read the text from the teleprompter and answer the questions. We can make it speed up to have more fun.

Spreeder is an online speed reading utility to help to train us to read faster. It does this by flashing words at a rapid rate.

Yackpack allows us leave voice messages and talk in real time with our group on a private space on the Internet. We can give assignments for oral practice or feedback. We can discuss a topic as a class or with other educators. We can easily collaborate with other classes or schools. We can invite other people to join in. Watch this video about yackpack. 

An ecape the room game is the one where you are locked in a room and by clicking on everything, you find clues to use to escape from the room. There are so many escape the room games that you can find on the Internet. Here is a list of them.You can easily find the walkthroughs (answers). We can play this game as a class game or students can be assigned to play it at home. They can write the answers for their friends. They can give directions using imperatives.

Espgame is an online taboo game. You are connected to a user. You both see the same picture and you type your guesses. There are some taboo words that you can't use and you have to spell the words correctly. It is fun. You can play it as a group game.

Spellingcity is a nice site to practice spelling. You write your words and the computer test you, teach you or play a game with you. I like it.

I hope you find them useful.

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