Dear Everybody, here is neat technique to use with elementary to intermediate students.

Dear Everybody,

                        Here is neat technique to use with elementary to intermediate students:

Write this story up on the board:

The boy was seven. His Mum told him to go to the baker's and buy three loaves of bread. The boy walked down to the shop and bought two loaves. He ran home and silently put the loaves on the kitchen table. He ran back to the shop and bought a third loaf. When he got the last loaf home he felt so relieved!

Explain to the students that they can find out the reason for the boy's odd behaviour by asking you YES/NO questions.

These are the sort of questions that come up:   Did the boy not have enough money the first time?

                                                                    Was the shop nearly out of bread?

                                                                   Was the boy too small to carry three loaves? etc.......

The answer is: the boy was very ashamed of not being able to pronounce the "TH" in "three"!

You probably know other puzzle stories yourself   and there  plenty to be found in the Pilgrims webzine:  have a look at the OLD EXERCISE section. Search for PUZZLE STORY.

Some students, the ones with good logical-mathematical intelligences, love this sort of exercise.

 Warmly yours, Mario

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