Here there are more comments on CLIL in project work! 

Here there are more comments on CLIL in project work! 

Among other authors Richards and Renandya (2002:93-4) explain that the great boom in the use of project work in the last years has been based in the need to make foreign language classrooms a place where genuine and meaningful communication takes place and not a place where students practice language for its own sake. This premise underlies many aspects of contemporary approaches to language teaching. I can summarise them as follows:
• Communicative Language Teaching has made communication the primary focus of teaching material and classroom activities.
• Task-Based Language Teaching understands that tasks serve to facilitate meaningful communication and interaction.
• Content Based Instruction (CLIL nowadays) includes a focus on real world content as well as on the understanding and communication of information through language.

Project work surely includes traces from these approaches; therefore it offers opportunities for language learning through problem solving, cooperative learning, collaboration and negotiation of meaning. But most importantly it offers students in schools with a reduced amount of periods of exposure to the English Language the possibility to learn new topics or review already learnt ones through the practise of English.

At school my colleagues and I have been trying to prove that by means of project work the teaching of content and language in an integrated way has been possible, though many adaptations are still necessary. As an example, the project on values, the value of Care, offered excellent opportunities to work with different contents from other curriculum subjects like History, Civic Studies, Religion and Computer Studies.

I would like comments from colleagues from all over the world who have also taken advantage of project work to practice CLIL, even with reduced amount of periods of exposure to the English Language. Thanks a lot for reading this comment and I will be waiting for any comment, question or suggestion you would like to make!
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References: Richards, J. and W. Renandya Editors (2002) Methodology in Language Teaching: An Anthology of Current Practice. Cambridge University Press. UK


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