For all of those readers who do celebrate Christmas, in whatever way, before you go under the cataract of shopping and the blear of good cheer, here is a little greeting in verse.

 To be followed by another tomorrow.

 Best wishes to everyone, irrespective of creed.



Happy Bloomin’ Christmas!


Happy blooming Christmas!

Supermarkets’ bizmas.

Credit crunch and tristemas.

Things to do and listsmas.


Climate change and risksmas

Weather forecasts shiftmas

Traffic jams and mistsmas.

Snow piled up in driftsmas.


Things we can’t predictmas..

Pressies for the kidsmas.

Parents in a tizzmas.

Knickers in a twistmas.


Crackers full of tricksmas.

Bottles in the fridgemas.

Sherry, cake and whistmas.

Turkey, pud and fizzmas.


Santa Claus and blissmas.

Loads of useless giftsmas.

Mistletoe and kissmas.

Stuffed with food and zizzzzzzzzzzmas.


Good old-fashioned Britsmas!

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