This is what we do in southern Argentina!

This is what we do in southern Argentina! The following are projects to be carried out with our 16-17 year-old students in the last year of secondary education. Each project aims at rounding up a set of topics connected with different school subjects. At the moment we're working on the first project listed below. I'm already looking forward to sharing the outcomes with you in the future!PROJECT ONE: THE KITE RUNNER    1. Students are given a quote from the novel by Hosseini (2007) in which he states that there may be many children in Afghanistan but little childhood. From that quote we start reflecting on children and childhood in our own city. We start then visiting primary schools in the area and move on to the next activity.   2. IN GROUPS: Teach a group of children how to make a kite and fly it. DIAMOND KITE (from   1. Report back to your class how the experience went. PROJECT TWO: ONE CORNER OF THE EARTH. Each group receives the following:    * As a group you will make a presentation on ONE country.     * In your ORAL and VISUALLY supported presentation you will cover the following topics:   1. Location of the country.   2. Population.   3. Capital city.   4. Official language.   5. Describe its climate according to seasons. Focus on rainfall and temperatures. You can include graphs.   6. Describe the biome it features. Talk about relief, flora and fauna o       In order to keep your audience “focused” design an activity they can do regarding your presentation. Ideas!!!-         Multiple choice questions.-         A set of questions.-         True or false.-         Correct wrong information.-         A crossword puzzle.-         Complete a table.-         Match sentences.-         Complete sentences.-         Complete notes.-         Identify who speaks about what.-         Create a situation they have to solve with information from your presentation. PROJECT THREE: THE POWER OF THE MEDIAThese are the guidelines our students receive:GROUP WORK A   1. Think of a good or service you’d like to advertise. What is it? What’s it for? Who would like to buy it?   2. Design an advert to sell your product.   3. You can also produce a TV ad and upload it on youtube to receive feedback.GROUP WORK B    1. In groups you have the film section of a news programme. You’ve been asked to review a film. Plan your script and overall presentation/section in the programme. Videotape it and upload it on youtube to receive feedback. In my next post, I'll be sharing with you all some 'CLILish' activities I've compiled in a 'home-made' book.All the best,Darío

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