I've just found a wonderful free tool called Wordle. It's a really useful tool to help teachers or students create word clouds based upon the frequency that the words appear in any given text.

You can just paste in the text or the URL of a webpage and it generate the word cloud. They look really nice too.

I created a video tutorial which shows how to use it if you want to have a look.



Nik Peachey | Learning Technology Consultant, Writer, Trainer



Hi Nick,I have also been introduced to Wordle, and I must say that from the very first day I learned about it I have been using it for the vocabulary in every single unit in the textbook we are using! The students feel that they learn more that way, and that a large percent of the words stick to their brain!Thanks for pointing it out to the rest of the ELT community!Aneta Naumoska,Macedonia

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