English Learning in China

I`ve studied English for seven years in China. Most of the time, we were just reading, listening, writing, but not speaking. Many of us think speaking is useless to exams and lazy with oral English, also they`re quite satisfied with their English level.

From my point of view, oral English should be a great part in English learning. As a tool, English is used to communicate with international people. And just imagine: when you meet a foreigner by chance, you can`t have the paper to note what you should say, and you must say it at once, that depend on your ability of oral English. Another reason, speaking English can make you have the feeling of it, you can do well in the exams by doing this.

After all, it`s very difficult for Chinese students to speak English as well as Englishmen. That is because of the Chinese accent and the shortage of real oral English teachers in many small cities. (Their salaries`levels are usually too high to local schools.) In conclusion, speaking part in China needs to be improved.

By Tiffany Chow

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I have heard similar things actually. We are planning to travel around Europe for several months and were told the best way to learn the language was through full submersion.