Introduction to my thesis: Teaching English using strategies based on storytelling and stand up comedy

Being a teacher is a great experience to those who want to teach. It is similar to reach the top of a mountain or to see the sea for first time. I know, it is too poetic but is the sensation that I want to write. It is not easy to be a teacher, and more in Colombia. Sometimes you are in the classroom and you don’t want to do anything. Even your students do not want to participate in your classes. You have a lack of motivation and you wish your classes were the best. Anyway, reality is there, you have to be in the front, this is a sort of war, and you have to win. Everything that you have learnt at the University is corroborated in the classroom. You have to face the theory and the practise. What are you going to do if everything that you learn is different in real life?
This is the result of nine years or practising story telling and stand up comedy (last few years) I have noticed that is one of the hardest and funniest professions. This work is the combination between teaching and my art. One way to enjoy being in a classroom.

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