I wish to make comments on a poll (closed) on Getting Parents Involved.

I wish to make comments on a poll (closed) on Getting Parents Involved.Some friends asked about the roles of parents in helping their children in English language learning.

Some asked for suggestions for parental involvement education programme. I think that any Parents-teachers Association may provide some workshops for parents on basic teaching ideas. When I was a teacher educator in Hong Kong, I helped provide a workshop for a primary school on teaching parents to be English tutors of their children. I explained the English curriculum at that time and suggested ‘treasure hunt’ (on practising prepositions) at Easter and other activities to the parents.

Some also asked for design or documents for students' parental involvement, I think that teachers may visit a parents’ website where there are lots of hyperlinks to other learning websites: http://www.sitesforparents.com/ I myself have recently started a small project on writing about activities for parents to practise English with their children at home. The target readers are parents and teachers in Hong Kong.  Hope you may find some ideas for use in your home country.http://www.lumberlog.multiply.com Parents do not know what they can help. But if teachers take an initiative and devise some extension activities for parents to do with children at home, children may learn better.

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