The future of story telling

 I am  attending and giving a workshop at the international conference on Children’s Literature in Language Education - from Picture Books to Young Adult Fiction, jointly organised by the University of Hildesheim and the IATEFL Young learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group.

 The conference promises to offer a wealth of academic papers, methodological talks and practical workshops and includes four strands to cater for every possible interest within the theme. These are:

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What are your favourite story books?

It was when ELT trainer and author, Lindsay Clandfield, invited me to do a 'guest spot' on teaching young learners on his blog 'Six things - A miscellany of English language'. Lindsay's blog is a varied collection of interesting, surprising and often amusing things about teaching and learning. The only proviso is that every posting comes in a list of six. 

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New primary storytelling resources on this site

The first is a collection of 17 issues of RealBook News, a newsletter lovingly and skilfully compiled by Opal Dunn, well known writer and expert in children’s literacy, between the years 1997 - 2004 The second is the start of a collection of fabulous story-based materials, ready to use in class, which have been developed by teachers at the British Council Young Learner Centre in Paris for use on their holiday programme, and a

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