100 words drama—your creative way to teach/learn English

a blog i posted before:As I have mentioned, yesterday I attended a workshop called “100 words drama training”. You know, English teaching in China is a little bit traditional and some of the students aren’t interested in the English, but with the 100 words drama, you can change the situation.

In the section, the kids are expected to think the stories, to write the stories and to act the stories by themselves, all you have to do is to threw questions and lead them and train them. We’ll give them a scene and some questions .Such as “Olympic Games 2008”, and then you asked “how many roles in this drama?””What happened to them?””what did they said?” the kids are not expected to write down directly, they act  then and try to talk by English by themselves ,they must put themselves into the roles and you got to help them as a teacher. Of course, before the acting, we have some games such as “passing the ball” and “No. games” to help them to imagine and act. It’s really a creative way, the kids will use their face and body language to express themselves and next step they will try to say it by in English, and eventually they built the interest in English .  So if you are a teacher, would you like to have a try of this kind of teaching? Anything more you want to know? Do you think it’s useful .We can have a further discussion here?  

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