My super train

Actually ,this is a Turkish game that I used to play with my friends at the school .Then , I arranged this game to play in English .Especially ,to revise numbers and to encourage students to speak eachother. Students try to finish number  train by drawing.Make a pair work. give them empty paper sheet .Everyone write numbers from 0 -10 at the top of the page.One students draw a number by hiding (the other student shouldnt see the number )and ask "what is it ?,which number is it ? other student answer "Is it  a number................? or This is number .................... or Its ................ true answer  gets one point .Every points mean one" line" to make a square around number  .When all the squares finish  will be the winner.
Hope u like it

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We used to play this game a lot when we were children and I liked it. It is a good idea to play it in the class and the last time we played in the class was the week before the first term ended :))