My fat animal: A collage work

Hello my colleagues,
This time I would like to share a collage work which is very useful for young learners (5-9 years old). Especially, good for teaching junk food and revise animal. First I gave homework to my students to find food pictures from magazines or newspapers, cut out at home, bring it school. J(Cause I didn’t want to waste time during the class for cutting).
I found fat -huge stomach animal’s worksheet on the net. Print out for each student, make it larger A3 size. I gave these to my students, and they stick their food picture on animal’s stomach J after they finished their job, funny shot comes up. I told my students to talk about their animals what they like or don’t like? They talk to their partner what their animals eat during the meal time.
If they know how to write in English You can tell them to write or add their English note next to the Picture or make animals to talk J
My students love this activity; we hang up all around classroom wallJ
Hope you like also my activity. I will try to add sample of my animals sheet J

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