Anna Loseva: 30 questions to ask yourself

It’s already way past Christmas for those who celebrate it in December, and even past New Year’s Eve. Here we are in 2015. It is thus fair to assume teachers have already held their final classes of the year. At the same time, the beauty and benefit of the idea I want to share, in my view, lies exactly in its only relative connection to the festive season. For reflection process does not need to have a Santa hat on the head of the person reflecting, even though New Year does appear to be a suitable point in time.

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Ann Loseva: Learning outside teaching

I used to think what I say in class about learning outside class makes a lot of difference. I used to think my tips and advice are important, noteworthy and likely to leave a long-lasting impact on students. It was like believing that simply sharing the links, facts and information in a very enthusiastic way would rub off on them and instantly get them hooked. In plain words, I used to be sure that telling about a thing convincingly enough meant bringing real tangible change to my learners' habits. However, this has proven not even remotely true in the majority of cases for me.

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The coursebook - Ann Loseva

Coursebook is a promise.

Many times I’ve heard teachers say “Look! These new coursebooks are so good. I don’t understand why our students are not thrilled to open them, marvel at colourful pictures on these glossy pages, soak up every task and exercise! I wish I were a student myself and had to study with this textbook on my desk.”

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How does blogging help you to be a better teacher? - Ann Loseva

I’d like to start by being fair and making it clear that I possess no such evidence and indeed wonder what this evidence could be. If you google “good teacher” you’ll get plenty of links with multiple answers to the question of who a good teacher is. You may also learn what qualities identify a good teacher amongst other teachers, what steps are necessary to take to become a good one, as well as tips on how to become an even better teacher. And being a better teacher is being … who?

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