Thanks and goodbye

I’d like to thank all you readers and visitors and respondents to the various pron articles and blogs over the last month here on Teaching English. Thank you for taking part and for pushing the conversations along and for some really interesting questions. I appreciate especially the different perspectives you have brought, and this has made it a rich month of learning for me, which will also feed its way through to my pron chart blog which you can find at: http://adrianpronchart.wordpress.com. So please do visit me there and carry on the conversations.And I’d like to thank Rob Lewis for inviting me for this month and for hosting my stay. I have also enjoyed having a good look round the Teaching English pages, and have been impressed with the wide variety of resource types and topics here. And the good news is that Jamie Keddie is your guest writer for the next month, and I can tell you you’ll really enjoy his stuff!Best wishesAdrian

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Vio BaGu

Adrian,You make emphasis on using the chart  as a map but I don´t  quite understand what you mean by:  "The left side of that box represents the front of the mouth. The right side represents the back. The top of the mouth is the top of that quadrant and the bottom is the bottom"  Sorry, I hope you can help me with this issue, please!