Writing skills - do you know to play the accordion? :)

Do you know how to make an accordion or a fan by folding paper? You do? Great! :)Writing an essay can be a whole class project!1. Take a piece of paper and give it to a student. He writes a sentence and passes the paper to the student next to him.2. That student continues the "story" writing another sentence under the first one.3. Then he folds the paper to hide the previous sentence and passes the paper on.4. Each student sees only the last sentence that has been written, writes the next one, folds the paper and passes on.5. It goes around until the whole paper is folded into an accordion.6. You unfold it and read it! It is usually hilarious! Not seeing the beginning makes the stories go in all kinds of directions and they become veeeeery interesting. It triggers their imagination! ;) Just the other day I got a green-eyed monster living in the school attic which teaches Music and eats homework.... :)Usually they ask to take them home and show them to others. :) TIPS: To make it easier for them you can write the first sentence.         You should send few papers so pupils don´t sit and wait for the paper for too long.

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My partner,You are welcome every time ;) I stay in the south part of Turkey..Music is our Life and affects our teaching stylessss;) Greatt Come onnn!!!!!!!!!!Your boyfriend is a drummer,,Cool;) the family with full of music ;)[quote=singerina]Your father plays everything? So does mine! That is so incredible! We are trully blessed my dear and I am so happy to have found someone who is like me! MUSIC is LIFE! And my boyfriend is a drummer, haha :)[/quote]

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that's very kind of you... thanks..[quote=singerina]babakartal, lamenulas and me are going to have a duet! :) If you try reeeeealy hard and learn the accordion maybe you could be part of our trio? :) And I love the story with you and your son! Feel free to write whatever comes to mind no matter the mess :)[/quote]

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music definitely affects our teaching styles, and it benefits it as well I think ;) With music life is more beautiful!Happy listening, singing and blogging! ;)

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Hi dear,Today I posted one topic.Still in the pending moderation;) You gonna love it...It is about Muppets & Songs...I also wrote about you..Please look at it later ok...;)

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Dear Singerina,I loved your post! I use this activity for writing, however I didn't think that it was like an accordion:) Besides, always great sharings and ideas from "oztrkozge", her idea on this activity is a great one. I love music not only for fun but for motivating and inspiring me in every aspect of life. I read your dialog with a big smile on my face, for I play guitar.  I play it  in my classrooms as well. Sometimes, we even tell stories as if they were a song. We write the words they learned and add some other words and we try to compose a song.Happy to see colleagues who are very similar to me:) Happy Listening and Bloggin!