What is the best way to enrich the vocabulary? Reading or memorizing? These two ways depend on the individual. I am never good at keeping the newly-learnt words in my mind; it needs a lot of repetition. Some parents also complain about their kids' vocabulary knowledge to be low. They are -including me :) - never satisfied with what they have seen as they always expect more. I keep saying that learners should read more often, do a lot of practise by watching TV series, programmes or DVDs, doing crossword puzzles in their free time or keep a diary in English when they are not at school. I need advice about the probable ways of acquiring more words as well :))

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Mike Le Prof

Nice post! And an interesting issue as well:)Really, parents are asking too much. And in memorising the words a lot depends on ss, though they don't often understand that. When I give my ss some new vocabulary, I always try to think of connotations with this or that word and of some example of our everyday life. It helps, and some active word games as well.

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Thank you for the post.I agree with the ways mentioned but I'd add communication as well,both written and oral.Texting with foreign friends or having a penpal can do us much good in enriching our vocabulary.

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Memorizing words without a connection is difficult and will never last. Therefore it is always good to ask the students to connect the word to their life.