Why do we teach English?

First of all, I should apologise for not having a well-organized blog.  I simply do not have the time to research the various ways of making the page look professional.  (Apart from that technology has always been beyond me!)So, why do we teach English?  There are numerous possible answers to this question, but I believe we all have different reasons to some degree. First and foremost, we love it!  Is there anything nicer than having a student thank you from the bottom of their heart when they pass an exam or finally understand a difficult grammar or other point, which has been troubling them for a long time?  Every student understands things slightly differently and has a level which is entirely his/her own. As their teacher you have the satisfaction of knowing their weaknesses and have the privilege and opportunity to turn them into strengths!Teaching is, of course, a job but I doubt we would be successful, or able to remain with the profession for long, if we did not enjoy it.  Students, (yes, I'm talking to you), are able to understand if their teacher genuinely wishes them to do well.  I, for one, do! 

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