Why are you a teacher?

Dear friends! Why are you a teacher? And why are you a teacher of English? And what else are you? And do you want to be somebody else?

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Mike Le Prof

Cheerful post, Elena:)Teacher? Can't really understand why... How come?:)Seriously speaking, I wasn't taught well at school, maybe I wanted to change the world for the better:)English? At one period I enjoyed teaching French most, but there wasn't much practice, so now only English - I adore this language (I like listening to music, watching films in English).Well, I could become somebody else, but anyway linked with foreign languages/teaching. At least I think so:)

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In my country there is a proverb "you can't be teacher (or.........) later, in the future, you born to beteacher (or.........)..I think I could tell ...we were born as teachers and we love teaching.

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Ralina S.

I'm teacher bcs I want to give my experiences to young generation. Teacher of English - bcs English is my hobby.As my second job I want to choose the work "translator"

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A good question to ask,philosophical to a certain degree)I'm a teacher because I admire working with students they teach me so much; besides I follow my granny's example whose teaching experience is over 40 years and I'm so proud of her (and I guess it's a mutual feeling).It's English because since the age of 10 I've had no other ideas about the object my life occupation.I'm an interpreter and translator as well.Besides I carry out linguistic research on the basis of English.As for dreams,I would not like to expand my professional spectrum-I'm fully satisfied with what I am and what I do but I'd really like to be a good specialist, qualified experienced teacher having a range of opportunities to develop and improve my knowledge and skills.  

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In my family everybody is a teacher, so I have never actualyy wanted to do something else. But I am also an interpreter and translator, like Oxana.And I have a degree in Economics, too, so I used to teach that as well, but not any more. I even taught a course of Economics in English! The reason I quit Economics as a teaching career was because I found it very difficult to, say, have a class of English grammar and then rush to another building to explain about demand and supply, and then go back to Text Analysis. Now I use my knowledge of Economics to translate related stuff and teach Business English.

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Elena Nikitina

It was really interesting to know more about you and at the same time to think more about me, myself.We are so different and we all are teachers. I didn't have any teachers in my family, but I wanted to be a teacher from a very early age - maybe because I liked playing with small kids and because a lot of teachers were kind to me. I wanted to be a teacher of Russian because my teacher of Russian was the best. But all my teachers advised me to be a teacher of English (teachers of Russian have too many copybooks to check). I still like Russian and literature but I could fall in love with English. And I understand that English gives me more money and opportunities than could give Russian.I'm also a mother and a wife and want to be a better mother and a better wife and a good grandmother.Thank for reading and for SHARING!

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I've been an interpreter and a translator, and I'm an accredited tourist guide... So I have what to compare with. Teaching is what really makes me feel fulfilled.What I really like about being a teacher of a foreign language is the feeling that my work is really valuable to each and every student. I see the feedback straight away. 

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Elena Nikitina

Our work is really valuable. But... It's interesting why usually people don't know English after school?

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"... why usually people don't know English after school?" I think the problem is with following the official programme, which is not perfect as we all know. Some teachers do not take time to get ready for the lesson (I know some and they surprise me as they tend to waste time preaching pupils instead of teaching them).I was the best pupil from 5th to 7th form (grade), and then I moved to another school and I realised I didn't know English at all. My new teacher of English told me that if I had the same level in 5 months I would be excluded from school. I can't tell that teacher taught me better, but I got motivated not to fail )) Being afraid is not a good example of motivation, but without that I might not have learnt that much. I actually decided to become a teacher in order to teach differently. I have many pupils and they recommend me to their friends because I'm more patient than their school teachers... and probably because I teach them the way I'd like to be taught at school ))

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Elena Nikitina

A good thing is that we have many good teachers. And I have never met a teacher which understands that he or she is a bad teacher. Have you?