When you don't expect

Hey, teachers! I'm sure you all have had your chance to present vocabulary such as "appearance" or "character" or grammar such as Present Continuous. I've been wondering if there are more creative ways to do that. So, I'm going to share one of the examples of how I do it. You may use this one for a lot of things actually...
I show the students a few pictures. These are just faces, no background. They are clearly just pieces of big photos. See the example that I use:
Click to see the first picture

Tell them you are going to show them the big photos. But they have to guess what are people like (look like) and what they are doing. For example: I think the he is slim and tall, he is pronanly a football coach. He is holding a ball. He is watching a game...etc.
After you've practices the target language, show them the real big pictures:
Click to see the second picture

So, you can get the idea of what pictures you should use :) Do you have any special ways to present lexis or grammar?

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