What has the Bloggathon given to you?

Hello, my dear colleagues! The Bloggathon 2012 is nearly over. What kind of xp has it offered you so far?

I'd like to share my experience.
First of all, it gave me the opportunity to see that I actually can create sth (or just tell about sth) that can be interesting to someone (and even those who are better teachers than me).
Secondly, it's been a pleasure to discuss many serious topics with teachers all over the world and find yourself the part of an international community.
Thirdly, there's a great amount of knowledge I've got from the Bloggathon so far: new methods, professional literature, useful blogs.
And the last but not the least, it's important to mention that the realization of the project is of a very high quality, so thank you to all people who organize this event and to all people who create posts and discuss them here!!!

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And thank you for blogging and commenting! Unfortunately, I couldn't follow all the posts of all the bloggers due to the loss of time. But as I've already commented to other blog entries about Blogathon-2012 experience, I've reexamined a great deal of ideas I had about teaching and... I got addicted. I don't want it to be over... I'm also very happy to get to know so many creative teachers from so many countries ))Good luck!