What about class blogs ?

Yes, you have a blog from now on ! You are a teacher and you have a blog. You write your experiences, share them with others, learn from other by following their blogs and meet new people.Everything is OK. BUT what about class blogs ?Have you ever thought of having a class blog ? What can you do with a class blog ? Is it a good thing or are you afraid of having one?First, I want to explain class blog.Class blog is someting that you can do with your students. You open a blog page for your class and go on with it.What do you do in that class blog ? It is easy. Think of it like a social media (facebook,twitter etc.)-You can share important links,announcements-You can upload their homeworks-You can put pictures of class. It is fun (with the permission of students and their families)-You can make them comment on blog posts and improve their writing skills.-You can talk about blog posts and blogging other day in class so that they can improve their speaking skills and they can show interests.-You can give them responsibilites so that they show more interest-Make sure that your blog is suitable for their age and interest. For example, I think of a class blog with a lot of nice pictures,colors etc.Class blogs are good since families can control what their students are doing and it is also good for students to use technology more for educational purposes.I want to finish my blog post with a GREAT class blog of BURCU AKYOLShe is great. I'm not suprised that her class blog is great,as well.http://tedistanbul5thgraders.edublogs.org/Happy blogging :)

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Hello Sevim, I am a huge fan of classblogs. I am planning to start a new one next semester.I think that they are great for fostering practice in skills, grammar and vocabulary, motivation and positive group dynamics. I experienced having a class blog with my teaching partner and all of us (Tecahers & students) enjoyed the experience.http://sallgood.edublogs.org/ 

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It is a good idea to use class blogging. It will a great opppprtunity for the students those who hesitate to speak in public.