Varieties of English - Part 1

As any language English also has its varieties. In many countries English is spoken as the main or one of the main languages, which causes English to have so many varieties. As many scientists have found out each nation has its own type of English. For example, people living in the UK mostly speak British English; in the USA American English is more spread. These two variants are considered to be the main types of the English language. However, in reality this is not so true. There are even countries that “created” their own variety of English, such as Indian English (Hinglish), Chinese English, Russian English, etc. The reason for this is that every nation builds the newly learnt language on the structures of its own native language. So, as each language has its peculiarities and special structures, the newly learnt one is highly affected.
Most of us have heard Indians speaking English. When I was just starting my education at linguistic university, I met some Indians. As they were speaking I thought I didn’t really know the language they speak and didn’t understand their accent and pronunciation. Now when I have so many Indian friends and as I am more or less familiar with the Hindi language I understand why their English is so unique.
I guess most of my Russian colleagues would accept the fact that Russians also change the pronunciation of English words, making it similar to their native language. For example, the absence of the letter “h” in Russian makes new learners mispronounce some words, such as “house” is pronounced as “khouse”.
Though my native language has all the sound of English I guess our pronunciation may sound strange to other nations.
……..to be continued….

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Hripsime Shabunts

Thanks again for the well organized blogs. Once I had the chance to listen to David Chrystal who was giving a talk in Yerevan. He was speaking about varieties of English and we discussed a lot of interesting questions. We came to know that it is not an easy job to know all the varieties of

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Gayane Shabunts

Thanks a lot for your comment. I am happy we share the same opinion about the importance of knowing about the existence of different varieties.