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Last night I had my first experience of presenting a webinar. It ended up being rather enjoyable: I'd been worried about not being able to see my audience, as most presenters are the first time I suspect. However, thanks to the great support from Jürgen Wagner, the organiser, and a really receptive audience I didn't feel isolated, or as if I was just talking to myself in front of the computer screen...Jürgen works for the Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien in Saarbrücken, Germany, and this was part of a series of teacher development webinars which they host under his organisation. Last night, I was giving a tour of TeachingEnglish and giving some background on the kind of materials we are developing and why, as well as covering areas such as continuing professional development for teachers. You can watch a recording of the webinar here: http://breeze.lpm.uni-sb.de/p40556809/ Many thanks to all of you who came along! As promised, there are some links below which you might find useful. Meanwhile, I hope to have the chance to do further webinars with Jürgen in the future - and if you have any suggestions for webinar topics do leave a comment below.British Council sites:

Our apps for mobile learning:

Pages about UK languages and dialects:


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Mercedes Viola

It was really intresting to know more about the site.

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Rob Lewis

Thanks Mercedes - glad you found it useful!

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Thank you for all the links.
I've found the links really useful. Keep us posted on your further webinars with Jürgen in the future. If I come up with a suggestion for webinar topics I'll leave a comment below.
It's great to get material for continuing professional development .
Cheers! georgina

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Rob Lewis

Thanks Georgina. I'm glad you found the material useful and will let you know via this site if/when we do more webinars like this.All the bestRob

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hi! I am working for the Welsh language project in Argentina and am, amongst other things, preparing a pack of teaching ideas based on 4 children's books which we have in Welsh and Spanish and arrived at Little Red Riding Hood today, entered here and saw the wealth of stuff for EFL and wondered would you be ok if I borrowed the ideas but translated them into Welsh? To have flashcards etc ready is fabulous and there are always new ideas to be borrowed..hasta luego!

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Hi Rob,
Thank you very much for these great teaching/ learning websites.
I came across an interesting teaching website a couple of days ago, and thought I would just share it.
You may already be familiar with it. Still, here it is
with very best wishes

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Rob Lewis

Hi ClareThat sounds like an interesting project! I don't see any problems at all - I'll drop you a line now to check if there's anything else that might be useful.Rob

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Hi Rob
Just listened to your Teaching English webinar. Very interesting and informative.
Thank you very much for sharing this us.

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Rob Lewis

Hi Lauren Sorry this is so late - but thanks for listening, and glad you found it useful!Rob