Teaching pupils how to be a good, considerate person, a good global citizen

I think there is a general feeling that it is against policy to be strict and set limits in school and in the classroom. This is a misunderstanding of what pupils really need. They really need discipline, limits, and alot of educatuion on what it means to be a good person.
To be a good person is certainly more important than being a good pupil. We must take into account that not every child is raised with limits on his behavior, and may not be taught how to treat others in a respectful way.
Since the pupil spennds a large portion of his life within the walls of his school, it is up to the educational system to help each pupil become the best citizen that he can
The recent "Glog" contest that was sponsered by the British Council raises this very point, how can we be the best gobal citizen and the best citizen that we can.
Like the topic of violence towar others, we can also introduce these topics in every clasroom starting at the earliest possible age

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Hi, Carol! I think our goal is not only to teach and give extensive knowledge, but to educate Ss being more tolerant and getting along well with other people. Natalia

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In school ages the students may not consider limits. They don`t fully understand why ththis or that limit exists. As a third parent teachers should not let them go beyond limits or explain in a wise manner why these limits are put. In this way we will be able to educate good persons.

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Who if not teachers will show the right way of living and behaving to students. Parents spend less time with their children than teachers do at schools. Education is telling and showing how to act around the limits put by the society. At school ages students may not understand why a particular limit exists and it is a teacher`s role to help them to realize it.