Students Will "Like" This!

Previously I wrote two posts about moving class to Facebook:Using Facebook for Our Classes Facebook for EducatorsNow, I come up with a completely different idea. I'll carry Facebook into class and students will like it. :) We know children really love having signatures of the teacher when they do their homework. I work with adults (+16) and this is same for them. They love to be appreciated. That's why I prepared something special for them. I designed a stamp using "Facebook's Thumb Up" photo, and wrote "Çağrı Menteş likes this." I used blue ink to associate with Facebook. I'll use it while checking homework, but can you help me how to use it? Should I use for everyone or for the best homework everyday? Here's a link for the photo of the stamp. Thanks in advance for contributing.Click here to see the photo: http://goo.gl/rtD46

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If I were you, I wouldn' put it on assignments which show in any way the students did not try their best to do the task.I believe that  even if they don't always admit it, all students like being praised, awarded. I'm sure that after one day without the stamp in the notebook, the next day the same student would try harder to do a better job with the homework assignment.

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thanks for sharing,but I have no idea about it. Maybe for students ıt may be interesting and they try to do their best...

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Victoria Kamchatka

I loved your stamp and your idea! I would use it for everyone to show they are appreciated (as you said). If you put the stamp only on the best homework, it might lead to the "unhealthy competitiveness".

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What a wonderful idea! It is great and will put a smile on their face. Thanks!