Scarecrow activity :)

I like teaching seasons to my students :) You can prepare scarecrow with your students. You can divide into four parts in scarecrows tummy part.They can find some materials before the lesson and you can give information about the seasons.. Your students and you can decorate Scarecrows body part with the seaons things.I mean first part could be summer and they can draw sea or hat etc...(depending that summer times) second part could be winter and they can draw snowman or put some materials depending on winter,,,the third part could be fall and they can decorate with leaves or smt...The last part could be spring and they can draw butterflies or put real or artificial flowers etc...So, you can decorate your scarecrows & put what you want ;) Finally, you hang on your English Corner or some place that you or your students want;) Have fun!Have you ever prepared scarecrow with your students or which topic did you use for the scarecrow activity Or :) how did you teach seasons to your students? Thanks;)

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Dear Lemanulas,  Thank you for the activity is sounds wonderful. I will make sure to pass it on to my internship students who teach elementary school. Nahla

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Hi Leman,very creative and fantastic idea. Sometimes small girls made it for their dolls. they dress them, shirt, hat, skirt....http://youtu.be/voZnUggtPuI for skarecrow is more intersting.. thanks for sharing...

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Dear nahla, I am glad that you liked it :) Hope it works,well ;) Have fun!

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Thanks a lot babakartal, I gonna check the link and turn you back again ;)Thanks for sharing ;)

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I gonna bookmark this..Thanks a lot..it is very creative ;)Dear lilitmv4, thanks for your sharing;) I like it...

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Have your students ever seen a real scarecrow in a fiield? I don't think mine have but I haven't checked!

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Students should see one for fun maybe ;) Thanks for your comments naomishema;)yeah,,, carpenter in our school design it and students decorate it ;) It was full of fun!;) 

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That's a nice idea - I'm thinking how I can adopt it to suit my Grade 7 to teach them seasons and weather vocabulary.MichaelaBritish Council