For the sake of learning!

 The title is my answer to the question I asked myself; “Why am I in this blogathon?” Last year’s blogathon was a great experience in my life. I should admit that the prize is a great motivator. Most people will agree that motivation is an important characteristic for successful people. But I think real learning flourishes when people learn for its own sake. Learning can be hard work, and sometimes it is true that nothing comes easily, but learning can also be a lot of fun like blogging here. I think students who see learning as a means for high grades, tend to think less deeply while reducing the quality of their thinking.  Some researches confirm that students who are more interested in learning than succeeding outperform those who are distracted by scoring good grades. (Reference: Alfie Kohn, 1999. The Schools Our Children Deserve, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, http://www.alfiekohn.org/books/tsocd.htm ) If we want our students to be successful, I think we should encourage them to have fun while learning instead of having good grades at the end. Does that lead to success? Or what leads to success? I'm not sure. That's an intimidating question with numerous different answers, but I intend on using this blogathon for the sake of learning! And I’m going to have fun doing it. We’ll see whether it leads to success or not. What do you think about it?  

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Hi Crystalheart,It is great to see that you are running this year too. Good luck! In the end of the blogathon, the ones who survive will sure be successful...cheers,Eva

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Learning for its own sake is really great.They say that curiosity is in human nature, and we kill it in schools!I often question myself not to be a murderer :) Sometimes I try to forget my own truths or what I have to do, and just listen to what they want or need.Of course things are easier  for me as I work in a language course now and most of my students already have the aim and motivation to learn English. But it's still important to make lessons interesting for them and I believe it leads to success.

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Hi there!I'll be reading your posts too! Can't wait to see what gems you come up with this time around!:-)

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Hi Crystalheart,Great to get together again. As you say awards and prizes are always motivating but I'm sure the real award will be self development at the end of the Blogathon. Sharing and learning from each other is a wonderful feeling.Good LuckBest.

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Hello, reading your post motivated me to write about motivation :)cheers.asli