Record your life but Reflect your teaching... (Part 1)

One day a young girl was watching her mother cooking a roast of beef. Just before the mother put the roast in the pot, she cut a slice off the end. The ever observant daughter asked her mother why she had done that, and the mother responded that her grandmother had always done it. Later that same afternoon, the mother was curious so she called her mother and asked her the same question. Her mother, the child’s grandmother, said that in her day she had to trim the roasts because they were usually too big for a regular pot ”Related with that short story Farrell (1998) states that teaching without any reflection can lead to “…..cutting the slice off the roast,” and also lead to burnout on the job.After I read that story above, I questioned myself whether  I am cutting the slice off the roast or not in my teaching career. Of course, Teaching is a profession which has an endless continuum. Especially, in the field of teaching English, there are many new approaches and methods . As an English teacher, I personally believe that instead of becoming just the slave of the coursebooks, we should always  come up with new teaching ideas.One way to manage this in an efficient way is to reflect your teaching experience in the classroom.In my second blog post today; I will be writing about reflective teaching.Happy blogging and happy reflecting…Reference:http://eca.state.gov/forum/vols/vol36/no4/p10.htm

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Hi oztrkozge,That's a great story and I like the way you connected it to this important issue.Thank you for sharing

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Hi, :) wawww,,,,, After I read I stop just a second ;) Cool .. I like it!Leman U. ;)

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Thanks for sharing the links, really appreciated. I checked the links and I agree with the idea that we don't need to care for what we are doing in terms of labelling it. Everything we need to do is trying our best for the sake of good teaching. Reflective journals are the tools that will help us do better things for our teaching profession. What do you think about that jthunder? I would be happy to hear your ideas.