Quiz show,

Recently I have noticed that we have needed a change so I googled the internet and prepared a quiz show for my 8th graders. I wrote a very small but significant detail about the person or the cartoon character then I divided the class into two. After they had given exciting names to their groups, we started. The rivalry was unbelievable. I was also amazed by their general knowledge once more. They didn't expect such an activity that's why it was more fun than ever.

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Dear teachersevil,quiz shows are  nice activity that Ss improve their general knowledge..So,,,I believe how enjoyable your course passed...could you please share with me your questions;) thanks..

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Yes, quiz shows make the stutents happy.It's more realistic according to the exams. thanks for sharing..

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It is also a good idea to get the students to write quizzes for their peers. Especially after you have been teaching question forms. Get them to write their questions and answers in small groups and then  do a "quality control" check with you.I am always for making the students do the work instead of the teacher!

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Dear Sevil,I also like quiz shows a lot. Besides general knowledge questions, I also add questions about the students in that class or about their teachers. It's great fun to know about people they know.