New social media English teaching and learning group on Linkedin

I was pondering the surge of social media into every aspect of our lives yesterday (Arab Spring and Avaaz.com campaigns to UK riots their clean-ups) and thinking about English Out There and it's place in the world of ELT.
In addition I have been reading a lot of articles about the growing use and acceptance of social media in mainstream education on Twitter.
It got me thinking about English language teaching and learning and how social media has to become more intertwined with how English courses are delivered the world over.
I have a closed group on LinkedIn that I started in 2008. It now has over 1,000 highly respected members from the professional world of ELT and we get some good discussions going about Teaching English (the name of the group).
But I thought, "What about social media and ELT?" so I searched for a group.  There wasn't one. So I created it.
There are already a few members and as I see it, social media is going to get closer and closer to ELT as time goes on.
If you love social media and can see how it is changing every aspect of our lives, come and contribute to a group that should provide plenty of inspiration and discussion in the world's biggest professional social network.
You are very welcome!

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