Native English Speakers in natural conversation. Free audio to help improve listening skills

Hi all... just thought you might like to use these podcasts for use in class (if you're a teacher) or for practising your listening skills (if you're an English student)http://www.stgeorges.co.uk/blog/podcasts/ The people talking in theses short podcasts are all native English speakers from the UK...plus, they are all English teachers - so you are guaranteed top quality chat!  :)We discuss everyday subjects in completely natural, unscripted conversations - so we think that you will be able to hear the difference straightaway between these podcasts and CD listening exercises that come with textbooks.Soon we will be releasing full transcripts to go with the conversations, along with some questions and vocabulary explanations... that's taking a bit of time though - but you can still get some good use out of the podcasts for now. I hope that you find them a useful resource - especially for students that don't get the chance to interact with native speakers too often. List of Podcast Subjects:1. Two guys talking about the clothes they wear.http://www.stgeorges.co.uk/blog/english-conversation-english-guys-discus... 2. Two Londoners talking about the atmosphere in the build-up to The London Olympicshttp://www.stgeorges.co.uk/blog/british-native-speakers-discuss-the-lond... 3. Does the English Gentlemen stereotype still exist?http://www.stgeorges.co.uk/blog/natural-english-conversation-english-gen... Hope you enjoy them. We enjoy making them!  :)

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