To-infinitive after nouns

Here are some examples of this:1)The to-infinitive after nouns related to verbsOur decision to wait was a wise one.2)The to-infinitive after nouns related to adjectivesShe's determined to work.3)Nouns + to-infinitive to express advisability, etc.The person to ask is Brenda.4)The to-infinitive after nouns, 'something', 'a lot', etc.I want a machine to answer my phone.5)Adjective + noun + to-infinitiveThere is enough time to take care of everyone tonight.

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Dear... I just read yours... good you have touched in infinitives.... good.I would like to share something about infinitive in my point of view here....Infinitive is classified as followsInfinitive noun- this can be in subject and objectInfinitive verb- this places in infinitive section besides a finite verb To quit (inf noun) your job in this time is not fairI quitted to smoke (inf noun)I went to los... just to visit (Inf verb) Thanks